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This ring features the most perfect fall stone, and how ironic I paired it with one of the first blooming flowers of spring! I choose the Daffodil because of the beautiful yellows within this Aloe Variscite stone that reminded me of these striking flowers. I realized after that this is also the perfect Fall yellow. I found it fitting that something signifying the first of the fall season could coincide with the perfect color of the first flowers of Spring. The ring of Firsts in my book. The first signs of the seasons i always find myself craving! This ring features a hand fabricated Daffodil flower atop the stone, surrounded by the layering stems and grass this flower is found growing in. The stone sits atop a size 8 US double band. Now you tell me, is it perfect spring ring? or the perfect Fall ring?

Aloe Variscite Daffodil Ring Size 8 US

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