The Fuchsia Drop Earrings are an incredible example of this forever flower collection journey. This is one of 3 forever flower earrings sets that tackle not only the task of making tiny flowers but also making them into functions bead like elements. Atop this new journey of extreme naturalistic detailing I have paired my passion for beading. Each set creating a color palette to accent the flowers of which adorn them. This pair being the biggest challenge of all. I love the fact the fuchsias are an odd ball flower, blooming upside down, to us. Instead of tossing them out as an option I choose to use this as an advantage. Each tiny hand fabricated fuchsia features a small little jump ring at the center of its bloom to allow the vibrant strands of beading to flow out as if it were an extension of the flower itself. The beads chosen for this flower feature bright blues, greens, pinks, and yellows to create an all around summer feel.

The entire earring from the top of the ear wire to the bottom of the longest fringe are 4.75 inches in length.

All earrings are made with 20 gauge ear wires (the standard ear size).

Fuchsia Drop Earrings

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