Classic and timeless, but bearing a hidden house loyalty on the back. These Hogwarts crest pendants were designed to hold a hidden image for the wearer. A special mascot representative of their house crest. Each stone chosen in the four house crest pendants allows the image to be filled with their house colors. Pledging your loyalty in elegance. The Hufflepuffs. Honest, loyal and always there when you need them, they embody all the great qualities of their house. Can you tell which house is mine yet? :) As a proud Hufflepuff I can say i truly do favor this house and the original founder of the Hufflepuff house, Helga Hufflepuff. Who is know when asked which wizards be sorted into her house, she respond "I’ll teach the lot, and treat them just the same" She wanted them all, any outcasts, or ones not fully deemed one house or another.  And that my friends is a true Hufflepuff. Bearing the image of a Badger on the back, although gentle, they are fierce animals when forced to defend themselves. This Mustard Moss Agate stone is accented with a beaded border and comes a sterling silver chain in your choice of length. As a hufflepuff, I can say, it would make a truly wonderful gift to another. :)

Hufflepuff Crest Pendant

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