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This pendant is truly one of a kind. Featuring my first realistic complete Iris flower; stem, leaf, and bud. Everytime I make a new little flower out of metal I try harder and harder to capture the beauty of the real thing. Each element of this piece is completely done through hand fabrication. Every wave of textures in the petals, each tiny ding in the leaf to the very shape of the flower petals all created with hand tools and an eye for detail. The flower sits in a sturdy teardrop frame capturing the shape of the Iris flower. Completing this beautiful forever flower is a gorgeous faceted green tourmaline stone, with a tiny rainbow like inclusion in the top left portion of the stone. (I did my best to capture it in photos). This piece has been left with a high polish for that classic lifetime look that can be passed on generation to generation. This listing is for the pendant and the featured 18" sterling silver chain. The chain will come with a "knm" authentication stamp by the clasp so that it will be forever known as my work.

A truly one of kind piece that completely captures my goals as an artist. It helps the stone is my favorite color too!

Forever Iris Flower

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