Another stone bought specificially for this collection. Isn't it crazy, I had named this collection before I had aquired even half of the stones that now inhabit the bodies of these pieces? 


A gorgeous geometric cut Prince Variscite stone that forms the sprawled out body of this froggo! As soon as I saw this piece I knew what it had to become, it created the perfect shape to add the triangular shaped frog nose you see above! Each leg & arm are formed silver wire, reticulated just right to melt them into the shaped extremities you see above. Each tiny frog toe balled up and added one by one to create its little frog feet! The head of this little creature is slightly textured to give it a little character and the chain is threaded through the back as if the little guy were climbing up it. This piece comes on a 20 inch sterling silver box chain. A truly unique little creation.

Prince Variscite Frog

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